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30 June 2014

"della Luna di Giorno"
Marco Lunardon
Pove del Grappa (VI)
tel +39 349 8697020

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a dog of an extremely sweet, cheerful, gentle and patient.
It 'a very good friend in the family and children,he always wants to learn something new, but most of all to be helpful. Must be a dog well balanced and robust with massive head and pronounced stop. The height at the withers is 64-70 cm for males and 58-66 for females. The coat is long and black with tan and white areas on the head, chest and legs. Dog of Swiss origin, was selected as a guardian of herds and as dog for pulling, especially milk carts. The Bernese Mountain Dog does not suffer the cold, so can sleep in a kennel in the garden; it doesn't has special need of space, but, although it isn't recommended for apartment. Its docile nature allows him to adapt to any situation, it is important to always feel it part of the family.

The Entlebuch Cattle Dog is the smallest of the four Swiss Cattle and one of the three short-haired. 
It 'a dog of medium size, from the body longer than high and intelligent expression. 
Attentive and lively temperament. 
Good warning-dog, the Entlebucher can not be defined as a dog for living-rooms because it's not its nature. Certainly fits the comforts and is happy to live in the house, but we can't stop at this. Requires a very close contact with the owner and a good education. The Entlebuch Cattle Dog is a real "worker" dog who can give great satisfaction in sports but also as life partner.
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